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File Headers

Hi, i'm trying to write a program to handle some file headers (EXE, COM, TXT, GIF, JPG, BMP), but i can't find information about the header structure of these format, specially i want to get the date, the name, the size and the type of the file (getting all from its header). I'll appreciate your help about anyone of the headers. And i'm sorry for my english :P i hope it be understable.
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I think you do not need to read the header to get those information. In fact, those information are NOT in the header.
  - date, some header contains it, but not all.
  - name, never in the header.
  - size, maybe in the header, but usually only data size.
  - type. Yes it's always in the header, but 99% the file
    extension is right.

So why don't you use the simple findfirst command ?.


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hi there,
          use findfirst and findnext function to find the required file and u can then find the size,name, etc by using ffblk.ff_name,ffblk.ff_fsize, see the required header file for that.
search for ffblk command in header file there u will find all the required information that u can access about the file.
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Tons of file information on some websites. One of my favorites http://www.wotsit.org/
check out this page if you are not sure of how to use the _findfirst and _findnext function suggested by kocil and nabeen.


hope this will help.
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