How to disable case sensititive?


Can someone pls tell me how to disable case sensitive in ASE.

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vka3Connect With a Mentor Commented:
Depending upon the language charset you have selected, you can set the sort order. See table 7-5 on page 272 of Sybase Admin Guide Vol 1 (ASE 12.5).
It supports "Dictionary order, case insensitive, accent sensitive" for English.

You can use following to set.
sp_configure "default sortorder id",sortorderid

sp_helpsort to see the current sortid.

Try 'nocase' or 'nocasep' which is available for UTF-8.

Check all sort order ids from
"select name,csid,id from syscharsets" to choose the right sort order for case insensitivity.
Case sensitivity is set on the server when the sort order is selected
CYRIAuthor Commented:

What is the sort order that needsto  be selected?
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