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Hello Friends,

1)Could you please help me to create an ENABLE 2 LOGIN and PASSWORD IN CISCO 3660 SERIES ROUTER?

And this particular (enable 2) login can be given a set of privileges like SHUT,NO SHUT, clear counter,sh config e.t.c.

2)How can i logging the events which happens in the Router?

If i give SH LOGGING  It has to show the events such as clear counters,No shut e.t.c.

3)How to restrict Telnet users(ENABLE 2) to perform RELOAD command in ROUTER?

Matter is most urgent...

Thanks in advance


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Setup multiple privilege levels, then setup usernames the privilege level assigned:


privelege exec level 7 configure
privelege exec level 7 shut
privelege exec level 7 no shut
privelege exec level 7 clear counter
privelege exec level 7 show config

username user1 privilege 7 password <passwd>

As for your 2nd question, logging will not log commands entered, only that the user logged in, and the fact that a config change was made.


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you can log commands issued on a router if you're using aaa.

such as

aaa accounting commands

noushad, how are things?
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noushadAuthor Commented:

Yes ... things are ok now...

I have created enable level 2 login and its working fine

Thanks a lot...

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noushadAuthor Commented:

How do i close this question? can u please help?

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noushadAuthor Commented:

Thanks for all your help.But Mr.Lrmoore really put me through...

Thanks for all

Points for lrmoore
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