Anyone used CVS before? About CVSUMASK.

I have been trying to set up CVS in Unix. Now there is a problem. In the .cshrc file in my home directory, I added setenv CVSUMASK 007 so that the access of newly imported directories in the CVS repository will be rwxrwx---. Well, it works perfectly in my account. But when one of the group members tries to do the same thing, the access will somehow be set to rwxrwxr-x. Does anybody know why? (By the way, I don’t think that this has anything to with umask in Unix.)
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each user needs CVSUMASK in her/his .cshrc (or .profile, or whtever)
scemoAuthor Commented:
Thank you for your feedback. But his .cshrc file has been changed exactly the same as mine. That's what threw me off totally!
scemoAuthor Commented:
I figured it out -- it's a weird answer. My group member copied and pasted the setenv line into the .cshrc file. Although it appears to be on a separate line, in reality there is no hard return between it and the line above. So even though the file gets sourced, it is not properly set up. And fix is so easy: just add a hard return. So there is nothing wrong with CVSUMASK. My bad!
duuh, someone editing these files with non-UNIX tools (like notepad)
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