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Hello everyone, I really pray i can get some good answers here b/c I can't seem to find anyone with a good idea anywhere. I get irql not less or equal b.s.o.d. all the time now!!!  I use a kt3 ultra2 series mobo w/ amd 2100+ xp proc. two sticks of 2100 ddr. 256 each(one is pny and one is elixir)all drivers are up to date.  nvidia gforce 2 mx 400 up to date driver    30 gig wd hd 7200
i hope i covered all the important specs.
anyway i get this error message during the most random times, playing games, movies, etc.  lead me to believe graphic intensive prog. were the problem until I started getting the message in i.e. brower.  sometimes during defrag i get it. and just today I got bad pool caller several times in a row during a reboot from the b.s.o.d from irql error.  (hence the name goingapeshithere):)
i have tried using just one stick of ram or the other-which didn't work for me.
i have tried both sticks in on com 1 and 3-didn't work for me either.
i have reinstalled the os ( xp pro) ~9 times in all now- still getting errors.
i have had an mcse look at it 4 $65/hour for one hour in which he ran diag. testing on hardware- this did nothing.
I have tried kicking the computer down the stairs and this only seems to cause more problems :)~ j/k   but i am about to.
if anyone can suggest anytime at all i would greatly appreciate it.
1 Solution
here is some info you can look at to see if that is the problem:

Staying out of the Loop (blue screen)

The Infinite Loop

"...And Another Possible Solution to the BSIL Problem
Nutterpc writes in with another possible solution to the Blue Screen Infinite Loop (BSIL) problem:
"In regards to the issue you did with the infinite loop problem someone found, I have a few other bits
which may also help, as they kind of expand on that option. These are BIOS changes, and as not all may
have this, they would need to find something similar to it.
AGP 1WS Write to enable
AGP 1WS Read leave at disabled
Set AGP Drive Strength to FF
What the AGP settings do is allow the computer to execute commands over the AGP bus with a higher priority,
therefore also bringing in a element of possible instability. By setting just the Write and not Read to enable,
we are enabling the computer to be able to execute commands with higher priority, but to be able to read it quicker,
and possibly rebooting our machine."

PC Heat Problems Cause Blue Screens and Illegal Operations
Do you have problems with your Windows XP computer throwing the "you have performed an illegal operation" or
"blue screens" at you? It could be that you have bad power in your home. OK, so you installed an Uninterruptible
Power Supply (UPS) and you still have problems! All your software is designed for Windows XP, so you don't think
it's a software problem. It could be that you have a heat problem inside your computer case. Today's super fast
processors run very hot and when they get too hot, will produce errors that look like software problems. This is
especially the case with the new fast AMD processors. Put your hand behind the computer fan. If it feels like
someone is having a barbeque in your computer case, you need to do something about your heat problems! Check out
2COOLPC for a cheap and effective fix for PC heat problems:

here is a bit more info you can look into:

A Computer May Hang During a Heavy Load with an Ericsson HIS Modem
If your computer has a Ericsson HIS modem, you might experience a dreaded blue screen and see the message IRQL_NOT_LESS_OR_EQUAL or DRIVER_CORRUPTED_EXPOOL. The problem is that you're downloading too much and your poor modem can't keep up! Microsoft recognizes that this isn't a problem with the modem, but with the modem driver. To download a fix visit Microsoft's site. After getting the fix, you can download as much as you like without worrying about blue screens!

Error Message with RAM Problems or Damaged Virtual Memory Manager
Have you ever seen the following message after installing Windows XP Home?
"System has recovered from a serious error DRIVER_IRQL_NOT_LESS_OR_EQUAL"
What the heck does that mean? While it can mean just about anything, it might have happened because you have a bad RAM chip in your computer or because the page file on the hard disk is corrupt. Not much you can do about bad RAM (other than taking it out and replacing it), but if your problem is a corrupt page file, you can fix that. For info on how to recreate your page file visit:


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goingapeshithereAuthor Commented:
thank you for your speedy reply and all the great readings I will be doing for the next year and half probably :)
i was wondering if since irql and bad pool caller are both memory related is it possible that it could be video card memory?
thanks again guys and gals
Always possible - I believe this is also discussed and/or resolved in one of the links provided - happy reading!
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