MSChart-Plotting 1000 points

I've been pondering on this problem for some time now, maybe you can easily solve it for me. That would be terrific.
I'm plotting a graph with 2 curves on it that contain 1000 points. The problem is that I only want 4 rows displayed on the graph, not 1000. How do I do this? This is my code:

    For lRow = 0 To UBound(FirstDerivate) - 1 '0 -999
        For lCol = 0 To 2
            Select Case lCol
                Case 0  ' Get the concentration
                    vArray(lRow, lCol) = _
              Str(CalCurveData(lRow + 2)) 'x -axis values
                Case 1  ' Get the respons values
                    vArray(lRow, lCol) = _
              CalculatedResp(lRow + 2)
                Case 2  ' Get the derivatives
                    vArray(lRow, lCol) = _
            End Select
        Next lCol
    Next lRow
    ' Create the chart
    With GraphForm.MSChart1
        .chartType = VtChChartType2dLine
        '.RowCount = 4   (does not do any difference)
        '.ColumnCount = 2
        .ChartData = vArray
    End With

    ' Configure the chart.
    With GraphForm.MSChart1
        .TitleText = "Calibration curve"
        .Title.VtFont.Name = "Arial"
        .Title.VtFont.Style = VtFontStyleBold
        .Title.VtFont.size = 12
        'set chart labels
        .Plot.Axis(VtChAxisIdX).Labels(1).Auto = False
        .Plot.Axis(VtChAxisIdX).Labels(1).TextLayout.Orientation = VtOrientationHorizontal
        .Plot.Axis(VtChAxisIdX).Labels(1).TextLayout.VertAlignment = VtVerticalAlignmentCenter
        .Plot.Axis(VtChAxisIdX).Labels(1).TextLayout.WordWrap = True
        .Plot.Axis(VtChAxisIdX).AxisTitle.Text = "Conc"
        .Plot.Axis(VtChAxisIdX).AxisTitle.VtFont.Name = "Arial"
        .Plot.Axis(VtChAxisIdX).AxisTitle.VtFont.VtColor.Set 0, 120, 0
        .Plot.Axis(VtChAxisIdY).AxisTitle.Text = "Res/Der"
        .Plot.Axis(VtChAxisIdY).AxisTitle.VtFont.Name = "Arial"
        .Plot.Axis(VtChAxisIdY).AxisTitle.VtFont.VtColor.Set 0, 120, 0
        'Y-axis is linnear, x-axis logarithmic
        .Plot.Axis(VtChAxisIdY).AxisScale.Type =VtChScaleTypeLinear
        .Plot.Axis(VtChAxisIdX).AxisScale.Type =VtChScaleTypeLogarithmic
        'Set color of response line to blue
        With .Plot.SeriesCollection(1).Pen.VtColor
            .Blue = 200
            .Green = 0
            .Red = 0
        End With
        'Set color of derivative line to red
        With .Plot.SeriesCollection(2).Pen.VtColor
            .Blue = 0
            .Green = 0
            .Red = 200
        End With
        'setup legend
        .ShowLegend = True
        .Plot.SeriesCollection(1).LegendText= "Response"
        .Plot.SeriesCollection(2).LegendText= "Derivative"
    End With

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Why iterate 999 times if you want only 4 values to be plotted. Change this statement :  For lRow = 0 To UBound(FirstDerivate) - 1 '0 -999 to the following:
 For lRow = 0 To 3

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IngelaAuthor Commented:
True, I could do that. Just found an even better solution.
Thanks anyway. Better:

MSChart1.ChartType = VtChChartType2dLine
With MSChart1.Plot.Axis(VtChAxisIdX)
      .ValueScale.MajorDivision = 10
      .ValueScale.MinorDivision = 5
      .CategoryScale.Auto = False          ' Sets manual scaling.
      .CategoryScale.DivisionsPerLabel = 2 ' Label appears every two
                                           ' divisions.
      .CategoryScale.DivisionsPerTick = 2  ' Ticks appear every two
                                           ' divisions.
      .CategoryScale.LabelTick = True   ' Labels displayed on top of
                                       ' Tick marks.
End With
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