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bad sector&fat

i have H.D 6.4G  Western digital and found alot of bad sector scandisk can't fix all errors so anybody help me and tell me how i can fix all bad
Note: sometime scandisk tell me it's can't read because Fat is Bad
Please anyone help me
1 Solution
Wojciech DudaCommented:
Most of the time bad sectors can't be repaired. Bad sectors are actually errors on the harddisks surface and many bad sectors can mean that your harddrive is unrepairable. SCan you still boot from this harddrive or are you running scandisk from a bootdisk?
If the errors on your hdd are building up then your hard disk is failing progressively. If that is the case then waste no time, get a new hdd as fast as possible, install your OS on it and then attach your old drive as a 'slave' and extract all the data as soon as possible. If the hdd is failing do not attempt anything on it other than to extract the data. Before you attach the old drive as a 'slave' remember to change the jumpers to 'slave' and up-date the Primary Slave to hdd in the bios (that is if you have attached the old hdd to the middle of the ribbon cable with the new Primary Master hdd at the end of the same ribbon cable).

Hope that helps
Bad sector hdd always cannot repair already. Get a new hdd and clone all data from bad hdd to new hdd by using Norton Ghost. You can get it free at Norton website. Data will transfer from bad hdd to new hdd even your data was store on bad sector area! 100% data not lose.
Norton Ghost for free?  Not that I know of.
You can go to www.westerndigital.com and download their DataLifeguard utility.  It will allow you to do a low level on the drive (if it will complete) which may bring it back to life.  Keep in mind that your data will be lost.
Whilst I agree with the comments of mcwojtekk and patrikap you may be the ideal candidate to checkout HDDREG at http://www.simtel.net/pub/pd/62572.shtml
Best of luck
I tend to agree.  In most cases bad sectors cannot be fixed - if they are legitimate hardware faults that is (however in some cases bad sectors can be written by some programs that cannot read a section of the harddisk and so they assume that they are corrupt, and mark them as bad).

One thing for sure is that your data is at risk - so make a copy of any important data you may have (although as you already have BAD sectors you will not be able to copy all files, but try your best to retreive what you can).

I would then proceed to do a low level format (some BIOS's have this option, otherwise visit the HDD vendors website for an application).  The low-level format fills the entire disk with 0's, so if a sector can physically be written to, it will be written to.  Obviously you loose the data on the disk

I would then proceed to run FDISK on the drive - delete and recreate the primary dos partition.  Also try FDISK /MBR to make sure that there are no boot resident viruses on the HDD.  I would then format the drive and then compare how many bad sectors you have after doing this, to what you have at the moment.  I have been able to rescue a disk from 4,000k of bad sectors to absolutely NONE this way - but only because the bad sectors were a result of an old scandisk version.

Hope this helps.
shearer127Author Commented:
I don't what say to you
you are all great
and thanks for help me...
and no one angry for me ...
Pleased to help - hope all's fixed now.
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