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I just set up a asp file uploading page, I want to disply a status bar on the page itself to show the user how much has been sent so far, or how much time is left. I could use a countdown timer, graphical display or any sugestions you might have. Thanks
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duztinAuthor Commented:
Well these are what I'm looking for, thanks for your help, on the second link I set IIS to disable script debugging like it says, then I set write permisions to the cgi folder because it looks like it is trying to make a new file "id=" but I cant seem to get it to work.  Oh well, Thanks again for your help I think I need to tinker with it a little.
No problem! Checking the security options with IIS is always the best bet when something doesn't work. Also, check to make sure the script has read/write/execute permissions by CHMODing it.
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