Probably loop and error handling issue - URGENT!

Posted on 2003-02-20
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Last Modified: 2010-05-18
Hi all.
I'm am encrypting credit card information online into a binary file which is downloaded and decrypted locally.
The general scene is that I create a file online for each day that an order is made on my web site. When a second and third order is made, another file is made for each day. The file names go: todaysdate.dat for the first order then: "todaysdate_1.dat", "todaysdate_2.dat", "todaysdate_3.dat" etc for more orders on that day.
I hope the annotations make things clear - if not, please ask.

'' Define a few variables

intFile = FreeFile()
dayscovered = Me.dayscovered
fromdate = Format(Date - dayscovered, "dd/mm/yyyy")
fromdate = Replace(fromdate, "/", "_")
todate = Format(Date - 1, "dd/mm/yyyy")
todate = Replace(todate, "/", "_")

'' Create file name for local file to be saved.

FileName = "C:\" & fromdate & "_to_" & todate & ".txt"

'' Get file names which may have been created online

For x = 1 To dayscovered
stringtoadd = ""
datestring = Format(Date - x, "dd/mm/yyyy")
myfiledate = Replace(datestring, "/", "_") & ".dat"

'' So, my file names are 19_02_03.dat, 18_02_2003.dat, 17_02_2003.dat etc

strUrl = "https://www.verysecureservers.co.uk/mypath/" & myfiledate
Inet1.RequestTimeout = 20

'' The web server responds with a 404 error page when no page is found.
'' The local machine sees this as successful hit.
'' But when the .dat file is found, a type mismatch error occurs so there is data to grab.

On Error GoTo grabdata
bytedata() = Inet1.OpenURL(strUrl)

MsgBox "Done", vbInformation
Exit Sub


''Open binary file and text file to stick decrypted info in.

bytedata() = Inet1.OpenURL(strUrl, icByteArray)
Open FileName For Append As intFile

'' Send to decrypt routine and add to new text file on local machine.

stringtoadd = Decrypt(bytedata) & vbCrLf
Debug.Print stringtoadd
Print #intFile, stringtoadd;
Close #intFile

'' Now, online, a new file is created for each order that is made.
'' The files names are: 19_2_2003.dat (for the first order of the day)
'' followed by 19_2_2003_1.dat, 19_2_2003_2.dat, 19_2_2003_3.dat etc.

Dim y As Integer
y = 1
myfiledate = Replace(myfiledate, ".dat", "")
strUrl = "https://www.verysecureservers.co.uk/mypath/" & "_" & y & myfiledate & ".dat"
Inet1.RequestTimeout = 20

'' Now this is where I am getting stuck.

'' If there there is an error opening the url in non-binary mode, grab the data,
'' then come back and try again.
'' If there is no error, I know there is no data and I can
'' move on to the next day back at the beginning.

** On No Error GoTo nomoredata ** ' this doesn't work!

On Error GoTo grabmoredata

bytedata() = Inet1.OpenURL(strUrl)
y = y + 1


bytedata() = Inet1.OpenURL(strUrl, icByteArray)
Open FileName For Append As intFile
stringtoadd = Decrypt(bytedata)
Print #intFile, stringtoadd;
Close #intFile
Resume Next

** I don't know what to put here **

End Sub

Function Decrypt(bytedata() As Byte) As String
Dim strMyKey As String
Dim strMyMessage As String
strMyKey = "mypass"
strMyMessage = StrConv(bytedata, vbUnicode)
Decrypt = RC4(strMyMessage, strMyKey)
End Function
Question by:englishman
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Expert Comment

ID: 7986826

I suggest you rewrite the end as follows:

On Error Resume Next

If Err.Number <> 0 Then
'if there is an error read data
    bytedata() = Inet1.OpenURL(strUrl, icByteArray)
    Open FileName For Append As intFile
    stringtoadd = Decrypt(bytedata)
    Print #intFile, stringtoadd;
    Close #intFile
'No more data, exit
    Exit Sub
End If
bytedata() = Inet1.OpenURL(strUrl)
y = y + 1

End Sub

Author Comment

ID: 7986865
ok - just trying it ... but I don't want to Exit Sub, I want to go back inside the loop just after the line:
For x = 1 To dayscovered


Author Comment

ID: 7987560
ok, I've hit a problem.

Your "On Error Resume Next" doesn't work because it is already nested inside another error handler.


Author Comment

ID: 8144561
I'm requesting the deletion of this question.

Accepted Solution

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PAQ'd and all 150 points refunded.

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