Problem about downloading JAR file


I met an infrequent problem about downloading jar file. Is there anybody can help me?

Similar code as belows:
<APPLET WIDTH="500" HEIGHT="350" NAME="MyApplet" codebase="http://x.x.x.x/">
<PARAM NAME="CODE" VALUE="Applet.class">

The problem is it will translate the codebase by some DNS server, (right?)
but it can NOT connect the DNS server now because the WEB server here is in
an intranet. The jar file can be download finally after about 6-20 seconds,
researched by sniffer, the time wasted in connecting the DNS(fail and retry
several times).
Analysis: Cause IE can consider the x.x.x.x as an IP, why it doesn't consider
the codebase as an IP but an URL? I think the codebase tag is transacted by JVM
but not IE (right?). Should it possible to let the JVM consider the codebase
as an IP but not URL(need to translate by DNS)?

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Why are you not using the customary codebase="." (or some other relative url) btw?
Tommy BraasCommented:
This is what I found on regarding the applet tag;

"13.4 Including an applet: the APPLET element
APPLET is deprecated (with all its attributes) in favor of OBJECT.

See the Transitional DTD for the formal definition.

Attribute definitions

codebase = uri [CT]
This attribute specifies the base URI for the applet. If this attribute is not specified, then it defaults the same base URI as for the current document. Values for this attribute may only refer to subdirectories of the directory containing the current document. Note. While the restriction on subdirectories is a departure from common practice and the HTML 3.2 specification, the HTML Working Group has chosen to leave the restriction in this version of the specification for security reasons."

So, basically, it conforms with the standard sand box approach to applets. Can only retreive files from the current server.

My advice to you would be to create a signed applet, that then loads whatever classes you want from the remote jar. Or even better, host the jar on your own server!
Tommy BraasCommented:
Oh, and you need to specify the 'code' attribute to tell the browser which class to load, e.g. code="MyApplet.class".

You can try the 'archive' parameter to specify where to load the jar from, it might actually work loading from a different site...

The 'name' you specified is only to allow other applets to access that applet by name. It does not tell the browser which class to load for the applet.

You can find more information at;

Based on your html code, try this;

<APPLET WIDTH="500" HEIGHT="350" CODE="MyApplet.class" NAME="MyApplet" ARCHIVE="http://x.x.x.x/">
<PARAM NAME="CODE" VALUE="Applet.class">
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popxwAuthor Commented:

I've tried to use codebase=".", but the same result.

popxwAuthor Commented:

I've tried to use codebase=".", but the same result.

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