win98 and win2000 server

hi everybody,
i have LAN with 11 pc and win2000 server (DNS, ACTIVE DIR., ect.) the users login on a domain server. there is 35 users. the problem is that not all users have to use internet how can i restrict the access for some usres?
thanks and sorry for the bad english. by
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There is not built in solution for restricting users from internet access in W2000 server. The only way to do this is to manualy remove the default gateway or DNS server on the resdtricted workstations.
There is MS solution called Microsoft ISA server. It have a built in per user / per IP addres restriction.
There is a cheep variant from Microsoft limited to 50 users
called Small Buisines Server. It have a bult in ISA server, Exchange Server and SQL server 2000.
There is a third party Proxy software like:
and more...

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Jivko is right. A proxy server/service is one of the best ways to restrict on a user-by-user basis.

What kind of Internet connection do you have? Do you have a firewall and/or a router on the connection? If so, there may be something you can do on the firewall or the router.
If you don't have a Proxy server then you can simple enable a password in Internet Explorer to block them to browse.

To do this in Internet Explorer go to:

Tools, Internet Options, Content, Enable and General.
If you use login scripts you could import a registry file that imputs a spoof proxy server and port which is how I do it.

for example if your login script is a batch file:



regedit /s proxy.reg

example of proxy.reg:

[HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Internet Settings]

hope this helps
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