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properties tab unavailable; to get to sharing

W2k, upgraded to sp3, ntfs drives, recent clean install.

When I open MyComputer and right-pick either drive, can't get a properties tab. Nor for individual folders in Explorer.

Worked through reg entries under "missing sharing tab" on this site with no luck. Suggested entries appeared to be in place.

Uninstalled and re-installed network client, filesharing service and tcp/ip protocol.

1 Solution
If you have installed Zone Alarm you may want to try this next time.


Windows 2000/NT Tip of the Day
Tip #437: Folder Properties Work-around when using ZoneAlarm  More Tips - By Category
Once you install ZoneAlarm Personal Firewall and try to see Folder properties using Properties Box it won't work.  To solve that problem follow this method (Windows 2000 Advanced Server/Server OS):

1. Click 'Start' button from Task Bar and select 'Programs,' 'Administrative Tools,' 'Services.'
2. Select 'World Wide Web Publishing Service' from services list. From that you can notice that 'Status' of 'World Wide Web Publishing Service' is showing something like 'Starting'. It means the whole day it won't come up.
3. Double Click on that, you will see Properties Box of select service.
4. Click 'Startup Type' Combo box and select the type as 'Manual' and click 'OK' button.
5. And Re-start your machine. Then next time when you select 'World Wide Web Publishing Service' you can notice that nothing is showing as 'Status' of that 'World Wide Web Publishing Service'. Now if you want you can startup the service manually and once the service is trying to access LAN/WAN ZoneAlarm ask you to permit it. So if you permitted it'll work the way 'World Wide Web Publishing Service' earlier worked. This actually a work-around for this problem.

Tip submitted by: thilina

PS: System information that this tip was generated from:
The version of ZoneAlarm is ZoneAlarm - Release 2.6. and the ZoneAlarm.exe file version is


stop 'World Wide Web Publishing Service' service
Start > Run services.msc
Double Click on the service
In the box labeled Startup Type select Disable or click the stop button
Was this PC on a network at some point.  It might be a remnant of group policy.  You might have to open up your local policy and change settings there.

nickeastonAuthor Commented:
Thanks for the incredibly useful response.

Interesting solution, since I have installed W2k at least 2 dozen times and never had this properties tab/sharing tab enigma.

I de-activated the WWWPublishing Service and got back the Properties tab upon reboot, but Sharing tab wouldn't work

Uninstalled ZoneAlarm Pro--and everything is back to normal and Network Places is showing my network now.

My ZoneAlarm Pro version is 3.7.098...I always had warm fuzzies with ZA.  Now I guess it's time to re-evaluate it...so:

I re-installed ZAPro with a rev level of 3.5.169...network still functional but Sharing tab is now unavailable (but don't need it now).

Now I'm wondering how much of my home/office dhcp network instability has been due to bugs in ZA?  Maybe since I stepped up to a licensed install a year ago...

Any comments on ZoneAlarm or something better with a user-friendly interface like ZA?

Thanks again.
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