Dreamweaver Image Positioning

Hello people. I just wondered if there are any alternative ways of moving images around my page freely without using layers ??? i've previously tried layers but i always find that how i view the layer in the design mode isn't how i see it in the browser preview mode as the layer containing my image moves positions.

Please Please Help

Kind Regards, Jason
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Try this.

first go..
Modify > Arrange > Prevent Layer Overlaps

then position all your images using layers..
and then convert the layers to a table..
modify > convert > Layers to Table

that'll keep everything in place.


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Why not just use the table in the first place?

Web layout tends to be a LOT more fluid than print design -- it's not uncommon for things to look slightly different on different machines. Colors shift, fonts change, placement shifts to some degree.
>>Why not just use the table in the first place?<<

because Jason wants to move his images around 'freely'
at the design stage..and layers are perfect for this.

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But it's not -- you get it the way you want in DW, and then it's NOT that way in the browser. That's the problem. Converting it to a table isn't going to make that any better.

If you REALLY want freedom to get it the way you want, and you're working with images, don't even USE DW. Use FIREWORKS, slice it up and export it from there.

Then you get EXACTLY what you want, it's put into tables for you, you can add effects, and it DOESN'T shift.
Try using homesite or some other text editor. DW puts all kinds of crap in to the file that isn't necessary. <p>'s, multiple font tags and so forth. These things can really screw you up. Understanding how html works is key to understanding where wlwments of your sites will lie. I also like the fireworks idea, that is assuming that you don't want to get your hands dirty w html. Photoshop 6 and 7 also have slicing options as well.
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