Cross platform development Linux/Windows

I work for small company that produces certain types of automated manufacturing equipment.  This equipment uses Windows as OS.  
Company would like to move to Linux for many reasons, but main is, of cause, money.

Besides capability of running stand alone, this equipment can be controlled from user PCs.  We design it in a way that code running on use PC and machine itself is pretty much the same.  So we have only one peace of code to maintain.  Since 99% of laptops are running Windows now no movement to Linux ( whatever flavor) are not going to happend unless we can demonstrate that we can have one peace of code running on both Linux and Windows.  ( OR at least hude portions of it can be shared.  Some OS specific code is allowed of cause, but we would like to keep it to absolute minimum )

Borland claims that they have set of tools to do just that.  Does anyone have did anything like that before?  It claims is the true what tools combination(s) should I look at? Is there any other tools available for such task?  

Areas involved in development would be:

Intesive UI:  graphs, charts, grids, color buttons etc...
TCPIP communications ie sockets.
RS232 communictions.... maybe.

Thank you for advice..

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there may be some different interface requirements, depends on how you did your graphics etc -- take a machine and install linux on it, and see what happens.

Best way to learn is jump right in - if you dont have free space on a machine, or a spare machine drop an extra hard drive in one.

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Kent OlsenData Warehouse Architect / DBACommented:

The Borland product that you're probably most interested in is their C++ Builder Version 6.  It's a "drag and drop" GUI environment builder wrapped around a full C/C++ compiler.

I'm a big fan of this environment having used it since they released version 5 (about 2 years).  I'm able to create apps very quickly with few headaches.

Version 6.x of the builder claims to support both Windows and Linux environments.  I've not used it to build any Linux applications yet, but I expect to soon port a Windows application that was created with the C++ Builder to Linux.

Any major API differences there are should be limited to the GUI.  I expect few, and probably no, C++ differences.

You should be looking at Cygwin ( and Gnuwin32 (, which are ways to run code meant for Linux on Windows.  Cygwin is a whole Unix emulation environment, while Gnuwin32 is a simple DLL.  So the former works with more (most) programs that were written for Linux, but the latter fits more naturally into a Windows system.

These are both free software.
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