Shutting down X on 2.6

I would like to know how to shut down X, and disable it from starting on Solaris 2.6, and how to start it manually when I need to.
Can I just kill dtlogin and disable it? Will that have any adverse effects, provided that noone is using X services from this box?
In Linux, I would just change the runlevel, and use startx to start it, but I'm not that familiar with Solaris.
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You're talking about CDE I think.

Its been a while, but I think all you need to do is in

$ cd /etc/rc2.d
$mv S99dtlogin s99dtlogin

Also, turn off RPC for security

$mv S71rpc s71rpc

Doing this prevents CDE from starting. But it doesn't remove it. Which you have said you don't want to do. But the links at the bottom tell which packages to uninstall if you decide to.

As far as starting up like in Redhat with startx, I don't think its possible.

Don't stop rpc, other programs need it (NIS, NFS, automount daemon etc).
As foxtrotzulu says though mv the /etc/rc2.dS99dtlogin.
If you want to stop CDE without rebooting, run the script with a stop parameter first. ie..

/etc/rc2.d/S99dtlogin stop
Actually I would say stop RPC and NFS and NIS, if you don't need them, because they are not secure...

$cd /etc/rc2.d
$mv S73nfs.client s73nfs.client
$cd ../rc3.d
$mv S15nfs.server s15nfs.server

To disable NIS follow this link:
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Run /usr/dt/bin/dtconfig -d  to disable X windows from auto starting.
Just type /usr/dt/bin/dtconfig and you can see all the options for x windows autostart enabling/disabling,..etc.
tiboriAuthor Commented:
Since we don't use NIS or NFS, I've shut down RPC already. So I have 2 questions left
1. If I've already disabled the rc script, can I simply kill the dtlogin process, without breaking anything(ie. processes that are not X related)
2. If I wanted to start CDE back up manually, will it go if I do:
/etc/rc2.d/dtlogin start

Actually the easiest way to kill/start dtlogin when you want or don't want to use it is as follows:

/usr/dt/bin/dtconfig -d # will disable the dtlogin and CDE
/usr/dt/bin/dtconfig -kill # kills the dtlogin

When you want to use it again try:

/usr/dt/bin/dtconfig -e # Re-enables dtlogin
/etc/rc2.d/S99dtlogin start

If you don't want to enable autostartup you can use
/etc/init.d/dtlogin start


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