Linux/Windows Dual Boot - IMAP

I've gotten fed up of having to mess around and keep two sets of mail folders active at any one time.  I've decided that now, things are changing.

I want to set up a set of IMAP folders on a FAT32 drive that both Linux and Windows have access to, and keep an IMAPd running on Win and Lin.  Can anyone give me any suggestions as to how on earth I can go about this?
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majorwooConnect With a Mentor Commented:
might be, or use putty to shell from windows too
hurray for symbolic links!

ln -s mail_folder

but it wont be as simple as you would like, they all store their data differently - for example check out your express vs mozilla imap mail folders, now maybe if you ran mozilla on both windows/linux it would work - what's your setup?
pmsumnerAuthor Commented:
Currently running WinXP, not using any mail client here.  I have a shell account where all my mail goes to atm, just shell in and check there.

Linus - use fetchmail to download, and mutt to check mail there, though have imapd running to allow use of squirrelmail (web based email client).

Am thinking it's probably just easier to move my mail folder to a shared FAT32 partition and find a Windows port of Mutt!
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