does chat like yahoo vulnerable for hack

hi friends

  does the chat like yahoo messenger vulnerable for hacking.I was asking this because last couple of weeks before when i was chatting the my chat screen with one person started acting wierd it shows some colors.then what ever typed gets repeated and some times all get mixed like that.I am using windows 98se with dail up for net connection.After 1 week i was not able to connect to the will dial and get connected to remote modem but no sites get displayed.I used Vital Agent(lucent technology) a software to check net aslo shows the same thing that it cannot find get any webpages.It gives the message that the check the protocols.Checked that and i didnt find any problems with that.I reinstalled windows again the samne problem.So next time i formated c: and done freah installation then that was fine.Now I am using the zone alarm software to check hacking and last time when I was chatting zone alarm showed that 5 hacking attempts was blocked .Advise me in this

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It is possible that someone has hacked your computer, but since you have reformatted and are now using ZoneAlarm you should be OK.  Chat is a favourite for hackers so be aware of the risks, don't click on links that people post up in the room etc.
It's not unsual for Zonealarm to show numerous connection attempts while you are on the internet - at the moment the net is rife with viuses that are looking for vulnerable computers to connect to.  Zonalarm will report these attempts but don't worry - you are protected.  Be advised to check for Zonalarm updates regularly and also keep your anti-virus software up to date.  Visit Windows update regularly and download any critical security updates.  If you keep these 3 things in a regular routine, your computer will be 99.99999% safe from hackers, viruses etc.

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It is also possible that whoever you were chatting with in messenger was running a new "cracker" program out there called YahMirror (or something like that)...anyway what it does is mirror everything that you type in the IM's one of those "cracker" gags out there. If you want to get familiar with more of these "gags" that crackers are using to bomb peoples IM's and Accts with, I suggest you go to to get familiar. Maybe it would benefit you if you browsed the downloads they have and see if anything summaries of the progs. match up with your symptoms.Also, even if you dont give me the points, please pass this info on to whoever it may be helpful to.
Good Luck,
This is what happened to a client of mine about a year ago, just -2- days after buying a brand new computer.
I set up their Cable Internet for a local cable ISP.
Next day, apparently the step-son was chatting with someone using a popular chat client.  he shut down after about a half-hour session, never suspecting a thing, since everything worked fine.
Next morning, someone needed the computer.  Turned it on, and system said "No Command Interpreter found".
I got a phone call (as a PC troubleshooter), and upon arrival, checked the drive to see what had gone wrong.
No files.
System had been wiped clean.
ICQ was the client.
Needless to say, I have advised all of my clients that this software be either avoided or used very carefully.
Yes, you can be hacked - realtime!
Sorry if this isn't what you wanted to hear, but hope it somehow helps!
Ted, the Modem Mixer
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Just last week, I spent a few hours getting a spoof copy of Mirc Chat removed from another client's system.
Did so based on finding no less than -4- different trojan viruses on the system, 1 of which wasn't even identified by symantec, McAfee, Trend, Sophos, Innoculan, AVG or any other major player in the AV field.
The list goes on ...
Any half-assed firewall will prevent most of these problems.

Tedsky, don't be so alarmist :)
(NP - can't deny results in the field - this Q -is- using ZA (read Q's initial comments, NP), so ... your point?)
sorry 'bout that... they are too.
Shane, you still out there?
Try to make a new connection, start>programs>accessories>communications>make a new connection (or new connection wizard), if I remember correctly, all you have to select connect to the internet, then setup my configuaration manually, then connect using a dial-up modem. All you need after that is you user name and password and the ISP phone number, and you have
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