Networking through ceiling

I'd like to run Cat5e cable from my router (located downstairs) to a computer upstairs.  This means I'd like to run the wire up to the drop ceiling in the basement and up to the next level of the house.  I found a good deal on 100ft cable for $11.  Would this cable work allright for my pupose?  I know that Cat5 Plenum cable is considered better for running through ceilings and walls, but I'd like to use this Cat5e cable since it is such a good deal.  Would it do the job?
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sure, they suggest plenum for the fumes in case of fire, not for connectivity issues
thats strange that 100ft of cat5e cable could go for 11 bucks! If its true cat5e cable(you can check the markings on the cable)then your fine! Just keep it away from electical lines and any florecent lights!
You only get what you pay for.  I have seen many great deals on cable, but when you run your hand along it, it is not very consistent; which usually indicates low quality.  If you're just connecting two PC's (Internet sharing perhaps), don't worry too much.  As for electrical lines and lights, if you must cross them, make sure you do it as close to 90 degrees as possible; interference only affects parallel running cables.  Be carefule when pulling the cable so it does not kink; have someone help you especially when you can't see the cable downstairs.

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