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Erratic Oracle Database connection via vb program problem

I have written a vb6 SP5 program that connects to an Oracle database via the following code

cnOrcl.ConnectionString = "Provider=MSDAORA.1;Data Source=" + sOracleDataSource + "; " & _
        "User ID=" + sOracleUserID + ";Password=" + sOraclePassword + ";"
Screen.MousePointer = vbHourglass
On Error Resume Next '
If Err.Number <> 0 Then
    MsgBox "Error connecting to Oracle database  -   error   = " + CStr(Err.Number) + " - " + Err.Description, vbCritical, "Error"
     Screen.MousePointer = vbDefault
     Exit Sub
End If

The program works on most pc's but I know of at least 2 where this connection doesn't work and I get the following error:

Error connectiong to Oracle database - error - 3706 - Provider cannot be found. It may not be properly installed.

Now I have had IT reinstall all the odbc drivers.  I can connect to the database from Access and Excel using the odbc connection.  I have tried registering the msdaora.dll.  Frankly I have tried lots of different things over a period of about a day and am now flumoxed.

Does anyone have any ideas of what I could try next?


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1 Solution
1) Did you create a setup program and distribute that way?
2) Re-install the MDAC version you are using on their machine
3) Check the DSN to make sure it is properly set

NiallMooreAuthor Commented:
1.  Yes I did create a setup program which appears to have done its job properly.
2. I got the IT department to reinstall MDAC.  I have checked that it is the same version that I used.
3.  The DSN id fine.  I have used it to connect to the database via Aceess and Excel.

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