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Upgrading NG FP1


I have a current Sparc 5.7 running CP2k. I need to upgrade this box to CPNG FP1, however, when I started the installation script, it will always hang at installing SVN portion. Anyone with a solution or met the same situation before?

1 Solution
The most common Solaris install problem I have seen with NG is to do with the path length.  There seems to be a script limitation somewhere that truncates the paths down to 256 characters.  Always failed for me on SVN because that was the first bit to get installed.

Best way around it was to move the installer into /tmp and run from there - much shorter paths.

Just a question - why only FP1 and not FP3 (or at least FP2)?  There are substantial improvements and bug fixes if you are able to go beyond FP1.

Hope this helps,

Tim HolmanCommented:
You need the upgrade script (upgrade.tgz, from CP website) to upgrade from CP2k to FP1...
Just a small point to take into consideration for this. If you read the minimum requirements for NG on a SPARC I think you'll find that it requies (or recommends) Solaris 8 for NG.

Whenever I ahve done any upgrading from CP2000 to NG I have always flattened the O/S and ionstalled the product as new, then mergconf'd the data files from the previous version. NG seems to like a clean install, anmd I have seen no end of problems with an "upgraded" system.

Arrange some downtime (or preferably get a spare box) and build from scratch.. test the system, then swap them over.

FP1 does have bugs, so I would go for a clean installation and go straight to NG FP3 if I were you

leechoonhweeAuthor Commented:
Hi Gruff...I know the recommended OS is still Solaris 8. I have also read through the Upgrading Process from Checkpoint that recommends preparing a new box, install NG, run the the upgrade script that swap the 2 boxes. The thing is in real life, we cannot afford to have 2 Sparc or even Intel driven Solaris to do the upgrading process.

Arranging downtime to do the upgrade clean is quite impossible as it leaves me no room to lean back if something happens.

Although I am on software subscription with Checkpoint but they did not give me the FP3 CD, the only CD that I have received is the FP1 and full stop. I cannot find the FP3 CD Image on the support site either. What they do have is an upgrade from FP1 to FP3.

Thanks for your comments.
Ok. Well you do have a problem then. A few things maybe to mention to your Managers.
1. If the upgrade is attempted and it fails, you will have to flatten your box and restore back.. which is practically the same as building a new box from scratch.
2. Solaris 8 is recommended for a reason, I do not know many people who have sucessfully installed NG on 5.7 and claimed to have a stable environment, so I would do it once and do it right to save on pain later.
3. Any future software upgrades for NG WILL require Solaris 8, so if you don't upgrade the OS now, I'll guarentee in 6 months time you'll have the same problem again when you need to apply service packs to NG.

Possible workaround (low cost... not free !!)

Talk to the Management and see if you can rent a Sparc from a supplier for 2 weeks (or alternatively bring one in on evaluation ;-) ) Most suppliers will provide this facility and it is well worth taking them up on the offer. If you can't get a Sparc... Nokia's ROCK !!). Build the new box to the specification and put it in place to replace your existing Sparc. Once you have your perimeter in place, flatten your Sparc and build to the new requirements. Once you've done that, swap them over and return the rented box. This could be classed as slightly unethical, but if you can swing it... do it.

As for NG FP3 for Sparc, follow this
Services & Downloads
Software Subscription Downloads
Agree to agreement <yawn>
Product - VPN/Firewall-1
Version - Next Generation
OS - Solaris 2.8
Encryption - Any
SP/Patch Level - FP3

This lists the full suite of products.. probably worth getting the Wrapper.

Once this is installed, you can add the Hotfix later.

FP3 is not downloadable for Solaris 2.7... cos it ain't a supported platform for the product ;-)

Any questions / probs... give me a shout.



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