Big problem

I hava received a javascript web page .This javascript is aim to
capture a value from a cgi page which have a value of a hardware
system(the cgi page is embedded in the hardware system.i can access directly to that cgi page
by type in its ip adress in ie after i had set it's ip adress).
When i open the javascript , it will come out a message "Object  
doesn't this property or method" .So i go to checked what's wrong.
The method which not support by the object is OpenURL() and
Execute().Beside that, the object also contain PARAM NAME like ,Protocol
,URl,RemoreHost,Proxy,Document ,UserName, Password and RequestTimeout.
All of the above is not related to javascript but it can run properly
by other.I ask them why and them tell me that i need to download a
window socket without specify what kind of window socket.The following
is some of the source code:
function UpdateInfor() {
    Smart.RemoteHost = "";
    Smart.Protocol = 1;
    Smart.RemotePort = 80;
    num = 0;
    GetInfor(SmartAns[num]);    /SmartAns is a array ,SmartAns[0]="status.htm";
function GetInfor(doc) {
  Smart.Document = doc;

<OBJECT id=Smart style="LEFT: 0px; TOP: 0px" classid=clsid:xxxxxxxxx-xxx-xxx>
<PARAM NAME="_Version" VALUE="xxxxxxx">
<PARAM NAME="AccessType" VALUE="0">
<PARAM NAME="RemoteHost" VALUE="">
<PARAM NAME="RemotePort" VALUE="">
<PARAM NAME="Document" VALUE="">
<PARAM NAME="UserName" VALUE="">
<PARAM NAME="Password" VALUE="">
<PARAM NAME="RequestTimeout" VALUE="20"></OBJECT>
Could you please tell me what window socket i suppose to download?(please recommend the web site)
I found that those method and property is using by VBscript . Can javascript and VBscript put together?

Thank you very much.
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bhagyeshtConnect With a Mentor Commented:
u can use javascript and vb script together on the client side just specify in the script tag whats the language
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