rcomp (daf) or other good freeware ado components

I am looking for good freeware ado components suitable for D5

I was using RCOMP Data access framework (DAF) but they seem to be unloadable from the rcomp web site and the company seems not to be active anymore

If you have a replacement family, it must have a query component a support for grouped connection (database component), and transaction facility (grouped commit or rollback). At the moment I am using a set of comps from deersoft but they don't seem to have all that, unless I don't know how to use them

If you have such components please contact me at


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Mohammed NasmanSoftware DeveloperCommented:

Maybe you can find some free here

also you can work with ADO by importing the Microsoft ADO type library, but that require more coding

look at this free course for more info
i advise not to use ADO at all, it's the slowest thing imaginable.
you should use the zeosbdo component set instead.
it is compatible with the ordinary TDataset and can easily replace existing ado components.

here's the link:

you'll ned one of the following databases
 MySql, PostgreSql, Interbase, Oracle, Microsoft SQL, or IBM DB2


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mhervaisAuthor Commented:
Works great thanks.

Is there something I should know before using them seriously (I did not adapt my code for transactions at the moment.

for instance how to set transisolation and how to know if a transaction was already started ?

best regards, MH
i'm afraid i can't help you with that, i never used transaction with zeos.
don't forget to ship the dll with your program.
that's all you need to get serious, i think.

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