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Hello people..
Recently, me and some housemates have set up a file server within our LAN. It's running Debian; PHP, MySQL and Perl are installed. I was wondering whether there is a package that is capable of serving media files (audio and video) through a web interface. Moreover it should be capable of listing the shares available on the other computers in the LAN. These are Windows-based.
In short: I need (linux) software that indexes the shared content stored on  everyones computers and puts it into a (searchable) web interface, from which it can be streamed as well.

UPDATE: Thanks for the fast reply. I forgot to mention: there is no intention of streaming to the web, just to the LAN. A friend provided me with a GUI, capable of displaying smb shares and streaming media. The only thing thing still bothering is how to mount the samba shares in a proper way. Is there some kind of package that is capable of screening for the samba shares (availability) on the lan and mounting them automatically, if available (and unmounting when not available)?
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If you used samba to mount the shares from the windows machines onto the file server, then you could use apache with appropriate DocumentRoot rules to present these shares as web files/directories.

But that's a *very* dirty way of doing it! You'd be better off installing the apache and building a proper website on the fileserver instead of mounting the shares - only upload the files you want to be published on the web and use a streaming server (Real server or icecast perhaps) to present the files in a more structured and controlled way.

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