MBR Corrupted - Can see folders but cannot access files

My mbr has become corrupted. Using another PC I can see my document folders but I had password protected the account. Is there any way I can copy these files to a new drive - is there a way to log on to the system with my old user/pass or any other way to get access my files?
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You can repair the MBR with the following command :
fdisk /mbr


You don't give us information about O.S ...

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Using another PC -> network -> use your own account ...  

First, I would try to copy the data first before trying the fdisk /mbr approach.

Since you are talking about password protecting your account I'm assuming you use nt/w2k or xp.

Just put the drive in any other computer running same os or newer.

If you used NT, put the drive in a w2k or xp.

Then just mark the disk, right click on it choose security.
In NT choose take control, in w2k add the administrator.

This requires you to be logged  in as an administrator though.

After changing the rights or taking control over the files/folders you can just copy them.

If you were running 95/98/ME, it dosen't matter that your account was password protected, you should be abble to access your files anyway.

/Hans - Erik Skyttberg

If your using Windows XP, boot from the CD and choose recovery console. Follow the instructions to gain access to your installation. There are 2 commands there that are relavent to your situation. Thse are FIXBOOT and FIXMBR. FIXMBR will attempt to rebuild a corrupted MBR. FIXBOOT will put a fresh ntldr on the newly created MBR.
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