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I've been asked to help a girlfriend of mine that knows anything on computers because her modem is no longer working. She made something and know there's no modem, just a PCI Communication device on the system info. I know this is the modem, but I donĀ“t know what brand nor model it is. How can I figure that out without looking inside the CPU? Are there "universal / generic drivers" for modems? I couldn't install any.
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KingsizeConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Using the FCC-ID will give you the right driver for the exact model.  It's unique per type of device.
my gut feeling tells me that its a Dlink modem.

you need to make sure which modem u  have.
you might have a look at the floppies or cds that came with the comp (if any). it just might contain the driver disk for you modem.

else you need to open up the computer and find the modem card. most of the time, markings on it can help to identify which brand modem you have. once you know that, you can go to the manufacturer's website and download the drivers.

then depending on the operating system, you need to install the driver to finally make the modem work.

revert for more querries..
Dlink, huh?  Wow, you are amazing!

Remove the device in the device manager (right click on my computer).

Reboot and let windows find the device.

Let it use the suggested driver.

If this does not work, ask to view compatible devices.

If none are listed, cancel and goto the control panel.

Goto add new hardware.

Select an item from the list.

Let windows detect the modem.

If one isnt found use the standard 56000kbps k56flex modem.

Put it on COM2

If the modem fails to respond, try COM1.

If all else fails, open up the box and look at the card.  Look for the name on one of the bigger chips - eg. rockwell.  If it has a FCC-ID number, take a note of it.  If your in luck it might say "I'm a D-link 36.6pro v2"  but I doubt it!

Using an FCC-ID search engine tap in the code and retrieve the driver.
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Many modems report themselves as PCI Communication Device - u should look at Modem. Then search for drivers for the chip and try them. But be aware - Conexant Modems for example have  
different drivers for different chips - although modem could be installed with any conexant driver, and could dial - but it won't get connected if driver is not the right one.
  Is it a 56k modem ? If so, Try using "Standard 56.6 Kbps v.92 Flex modem" or similar by manually installing it thru Add/Remove Hardware wizard. If its 33.6k, then use default 33.6 Fax/Voice modem driver.
  Un-check the 'Wait for dialtone before dialing box' no matter whichever driver U use or wherever you use it from thru any ISP or any protocol. Good Luck.

hrnnrscntnAuthor Commented:
I didn't know this FCC ID even existed.
Thanks, it was accurate and clear.
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