send email from nt box to internal Lotus notes email

I have a web application running on Windows 2000 using ASP that needs to send an email to our Lotus Notes email system.  I'm assuming that I can use any of the built in or external email creates that use ASP to create the email, but what I don't know is how I address it to get it to the Lotus Notes email server that is on the same network.  Can anyone give me some clues?  Thanks, BostonRose
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Send it to the internal IP address of the Notes server. For example, john_smith@

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ZvonkoSystems architectCommented:
Your ASP has to route the email to a node which is forwarding the email to Domino SMTP listener.
The relay and forwarding is normally set by MX (MaileXchange) records in DNS.
You can do it also without DNS by simply telling your ASP to send all mails to Domino port 25

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You may also need to add the Notes server's IP address to Global Domain Document (GDD) -> Conversions Tab -> Alternate Internet Domain aliases field (GDD changes require a Domino server restart).

Also, the mail client that is connecting your domino server must know how to connect to the domain It will interpret the "" in a message addressed to john_smith@ as a domain. You should add a HOSTS file with the entry:
to the sending server. This will say that the domain has the address

Hope this helps.

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