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Remote access server

Hi all

could anyone guide me in the right direction for information on setting up a dial in server for approx 80 users.I am new to linux and need a good easy to digest piece of litrature.
I'm running redhat 8 and want to allow access to a database of info over a leased line to home users.
any info would be greatly appreciated.

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Hi justcoin,

you'll need the ppp-daemon pppd and for example mgetty which listens on the serial port and takes incoming calls.

for configuring mgetty locate its configuration directory (In case of SuSE it should be /etc/mgetty+sendfax; I don't know if that's the place for RH too)
edit/create mgetty.config:

debug 4
speed 115200
port-owner root
port-group uucp
port-mode 0660

then edit/create login.config:

/AutoPPP/       -       a_ppp   /usr/sbin/pppd file /etc/ppp/options.server

that's been all for mgetty; now locate the pppd-configuration directory, most likely it is /etc/ppp

edit/create options.server:
##------ begin

## Use only one of the following two options
## only if remote system shall set your ipaddress
## alternatively if you want to set local and remote IP:

##------ end

edit/create pap-secrets:

"<login-name>"        *       "<passwd>"      *

that should be all.
Now you have to start mgetty via
/usr/sbin/mgetty -x 1 -D -s 115200 -m '"" AT-M1X0 OK \c' /dev/ttySx

whereby ttySx is ttyS0 for com1, ttyS1 for com2....
The AT-commands might differ for your modem, it's the command for taking the call

alternatively, for not having to run mgetty manually you could start it automatically within your inittab, which should look like this:

mo:235:respawn:/usr/sbin/mgetty -x 1 -D -s 115200 -m '"" AT-M1X0 OK \c' /dev/ttySx

for further information take a look on "man ppp" and "man mgetty"


justcoinAuthor Commented:
Thanks XoF

good info.
will this work for an adsl connection if i replace com1 for eth0? I will set up a leased line for this and get a static ip. do you know of any similar setups?

thanks again
Nope, you won't be able to setup a dialin server using dsl, since dsl is not connection oriented. dialin only works with modems or ISDN adapters, dialing into a dsl line is physically impossible.

what exactly do you want to achieve? Perhaps a simple ssh setup will we a solution?


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