help needed in QReport


I'm using Delphi 6. I would like to know how to create/draw tables using Qreport. The table will be used to store a how list of data from database. If Qreport cannot do this, what should i go about it?
The result would be like printing a excel document with the whole list of names with their addresses with the grids shown.

Please help me. Thank you.
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Hi Yanlay,
you can use QuickRep1, it is so easy:

first you must Add a QuickRep to your form, then adjust paper size and bands of your output by double clicking
on it (or right click -> Report Setting)

then set DataSet Property of QuickRep to a dataset pointing to your table, add the needed label (header and footer) component from QReport Tab. If you choose a detail band from Report Setting, you must set your fields in detail bands (QRDBText). each QRDBText will point to a field to your report. each QRDBText has a DataSet Property and a DataField that must be set.
Don't forget the detail band will be repeated on a paper until no more space available, but the other band will be repeated one for a page,
yanlayAuthor Commented:
I actually use Quick report. But I face some difficulties.

Firstly, I use QRShape to draw the table, but when the data exceeded the the length of the vertical lines, the line didn't extend itself. So is there any way I can make those lines extend automatically?

secondly, I could not display the table/column headings on everypage. is it bacause it is in details page?
I try to put it in the column heading, but nothing could be seen when previewed.
you must put the lines in detail band for extending.
you must pay attention to bands of report. the only part of report which will be extended is detail band.
if u want to add heading on every page u can add page header or title band to your report (not in detail band)
u can change band by double clicking on QuickRep.
you must pay attension to DataSet property of QuickRep! this property must be set.
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yanlayAuthor Commented:
I have put the lines in the child of the detail band. However, it didin't work.

the layout of my report is something like this:
  |                                        |
  |To Mr X,                             XXX|
  |                                        |
  |Below is the table:                     |
  |No| Name | Addr                         |
  |                                        |
  |notice that there are grid lines(horizo |
  |ntal) to distinguish each record. but i |
  |could not do that.                      |
  |                                        |
  |                               XXXXXXXX |

So I hope I have give u a clearer picture? Thus, that is also why I cannot put a page header can I? There are other information above the table.

I hope I am not confusing you. Or maybe I do not understand what you  mean. So sorry =)

Follow these instruction :

1 - Place  a  QuickRep On your form
2 - Double Click On QuickRep (for Report Setting)
3 - Thick  Page Header, Page Footer And Detail band checkbox, close setting window
4 - Set DataSet Property Of QuickRep To a DataSet Pointing to your table to be reported
this table must be active
5- Place One QRDBText in detail band for each field in your table that must be reported
Set DataSet Property of QRDBTEXT to your dataset property and select datafield property of QRDBTEXT  to your field
add QRShape (for example a line, horizontal or vertical) in detail band

6 - right click on QuickRep and choose Preview. you can see repeated horizontal lines

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yanlayAuthor Commented:
Oh thank you so mush! at least I can shows all the grids now!!!
Thank you! =)
yanlayAuthor Commented:
Thank you for solving it for me!
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