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Scan Line Effect

Hello ,

I dont know how to make a scan line effect on an image.
can anyone tell me in steps.

1 Solution
You only need to create a little image with transparent background (i.e. height->4 , witdh->1) and fill de upper side of the image in black.

Then you must to select all the image and select 'define pattern' in 'edit' menu.

Now you only need to create a new layer in the image you want aplly scan line effect and fill it with the created pattern.

If you want, you can modify the opacity of the layer or apply a Gausian Blur for modify the effect.

I Hope I help you.
Posted this to your last question as well.

A note about scanlines. Nobody's quite sure why this trend started but 1) it makes your file sizes larger 2) decreases the visibility and clarity of your images 3) can be a disturbing effect on some monitors. My advice is to not use it.

starsharAuthor Commented:
Thanks All u Guys for the suggestions .

Dearsina ,one more favour ,how do i make a gif image which will be the background ,and ill put the scan effect on that.
i have trying to open a new file and when i fill the color its not happening ..

what shud be the correct way.


Well, there are many things that could be preventing you from getting your scan line, the first thing that pops into my mind is that you are trying to add an effect to a gif file, always make sure you have changed the colour mode from Indexed to RGB (Go Image->Mode). If that doesn't help, make sure you don't have any masks selected and that you are applynig the filter to a visible layer.

Hope that helps


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