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I am working on an ME machine that had Kazaa and a whole load of other AdWare on it - I suspect also some virii. I cannot get it to connect to the internet on my cable modem to update the protection. I can ping by number, but not by URL. IE bombs. I have removed and reinstalled all network components at least twice - and replaced the Winsock files I knew about. Any ideas for a quick fix? Do NOT want to reformat and do a clean install - program and data replacement would be a REAL issue.

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If you have a anti virus installed disable it as it has issues with kazaa, especialy Macafee. Try and connect it to another pc as a slave, that has a good anti virus, with the latest updates. I would start there.
Perhaps your cable ISP has registered the MAC address of the original PC used with the connection. You would need to contact your ISP (cable company) to register this new MAC address or add a router and clone the original MAC address.
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Found the problem. This machine had virtually every piece of addware/spamware/junkware you can imagine on it.From the Kazaa related crap to Bonzi Buddy to Sextracker. It had NO ANTIVIRUS, so also had some 150 occurrences of some 25 different virii on board - all newer than 1.5 years old. The clincher was or something like that. When I found and removed it I was able to surf the net and update the antivirus as well as install ad-aware. Then I ran McAfee's registry cleaner and it is a new machine!!!! No more snail's pace computing, no more crashes, no more hangs.
When the client gets the bill his kids will get an earfull!!!
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