CGI Mailer script

Posted on 2003-02-21
Medium Priority
Last Modified: 2013-12-25
I have the cgi mailer script all put in the form, the problem is, when I click on the submit button it can't find the cmail.cgi page. This is the page itself http://carnyreports.freeservers.com, if anyone could help me out with it, that would be really cool.

Question by:Rhana
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Expert Comment

ID: 7994765
Can you provide the actual HTML FORM and the name+location and execute permission for  your cgi.

Author Comment

ID: 7995725
I want it sent to carnyreports@yahoo.com, Now I'm unclear on what you mean by execute permission for my cgi. Maybe you could help me on that one too.

This is the form that I want sent in the e-mail:
<title>Carnage Host Report</title>
<body bgcolor="#FFFFFF" text="#800000" link="#0000FF" vlink="#800080" alink="#FF00FF">
<h1 align="center">Host Reports</h1>
<p><hr size="3"> </p>
<form method="post" action="/cgi-bin/cmail.cgi">
<input type=hidden name="recipient" value="carnyreports@yahoo.com"><input type=hidden name="subject" value="Web Report">
<nobr><input type="text" name="HostName" size="15"> Host Name</nobr><br>
<nobr><input type="text" name="Date" size="15"> Date</nobr><br>
<nobr><input type="text" name="Time" size="15"> Time</nobr><br>
<nobr><SELECT name="CarnageType" >
  <OPTION value="Adventure">Riches-Adventure</OPTION>
  <OPTION value="Hero's">Riches-Hero's</OPTION>
  <OPTION value="Glory">Riches-Glory</OPTION>
  <OPTION value="Legend's">Riches-Legend's</OPTION>
  <OPTION value="Ancients">Riches-Ancients</OPTION>
  <OPTION value="Avatars">Riches-Avatars</OPTION>
  <OPTION value="Celestial">Riches-Celestial</OPTION>
  <OPTION value="Massacre">Bloodlust-Massacre</OPTION>
  <OPTION value="Chaos">Bloodlust-Chaos</OPTION>
  <OPTION value="Insanity">Bloodlust-Insanity</OPTION>
  <OPTION value="Crazy Saturday BL">Bloodlust-Crazy Saturday</OPTION>
  <OPTION value="Elixir">Elixir War</OPTION>
</SELECT> Carnage Type</nobr><br>
<nobr><input type="text" name="DoorsOpen" size="15"> Doors Open</nobr><br>
<nobr><input type="text" name="DoorsClose" size="15"> Doors Close</nobr><br>
<nobr><input type="text" name="DyeStart" size="15"> (Riches/BL) Dying Starts</nobr><br>
<nobr><input type="text" name="DyeEnd" size="15"> (Riches/BL) Dying Ends</nobr><br>
<nobr><input type="text" name="Round1Start" size="15> First Round Starts</nobr><br>
<nobr><input type="text" name="Round1End" size="15> First Round Ends</nobr><br>
<nobr><input type="text" name="Round2Start" size="15> Second Round Starts</nobr><br>
<nobr><input type="text" name="Round2End" size="15> Second Round Ends</nobr><br>
<nobr><input type="text" name="Round3Start" size="15> Third Round Starts</nobr><br>
<nobr><input type="text" name="Round3End" size="15> Third Round Ends</nobr><br>
<nobr><input type="text" name="host/assistants" size="300"> Host/Assistant Attendance</nobr><br>
<nobr><input type="text" name="IlSans" size="15"> Il San Attendance (Riches)</nobr><br>
<nobr><input type="text" name="EeSans" size="15"> Ee San Attendance (Riches)</nobr><br>
<nobr><input type="text" name="SamSans" size="15"> Sam San Attendance (Riches)</nobr><br>
<nobr><TEXTAREA wrap=PHYSICAL rows=5 cols=28 name="carnagecomments"> Carnage On Comments</textarea></nobr><br>
<nobr><TEXTAREA wrap=PHYSICAL rows=5 cols=28 name="AssistantComments"> Comments on Assistants (Not Hosts)</textarea></nobr><br>
<nobr><input type="text" name="NumberOfPlayers" size="15"> Number Of Players</nobr><br>
<nobr><TEXTAREA wrap=PHYSICAL rows=5 cols=28 name="troublemakers"> Troublemakers</textarea></nobr><br>
<p align="center"><input type="submit" value="Submit"> <input type="reset" value="Reset Form"></p></form>



Accepted Solution

amitabhrai earned 200 total points
ID: 7996990
Your HTML looks fine to me. Next, there could be 4 cases to be checked..

Case 1:
Check whether cmail.cgi actually resides in the cgi-bin directory.

Case 2:
Check whether its execute permission is set. If u are using any FTP software to upload your file( like ws_ftp ) u can right click on the uploaded file name and go to "chmod(UNIX)" option and it will show u a new window with all the permissions of the file. U just need to "check all the execute check boxes."
If u have direct access to the server, u can go to the cgi-bin directory and run the command "chmod a+x cmail.cgi". This command will set the execute permission for this file.

Case 3:
Check whether first line of the output of cgi code is content-type="text/html", followed by a blank line.

Case 4:
If your cgi program is coded in perl, try naming it cmail.pl

Expert Comment

ID: 7998879
Since you can see it if you got to


but you can read it if you try to click it.

I would definitly try what Amitabhrai say in Case 2.


Expert Comment

ID: 8001143
I can definitely see the file listed there, but it is not going to help me. If you can get me the actual code for cmail.cgi I will look for potential problem in it.

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