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Hi, I'm wondering how I can see what type of
motherboard is installed on my computer? I know
I have 32MB of RAM, and would like to upgrade
to at least 64MB. I don't know how to tell
what's compatible with my PC. I'm new with
computers and I'm using an old COMPAQ 4/66i.

Some Specs:

Windows 95'
Pentium processor
ISA Bus-type
IBM PC/AT Machine-type
3/8/93 BIOS-Date
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Ah,m looks like you're using a lovely 486/66.  A whopping 66Mhz of pure processing power.  FAB.

You've got at least pair of SIMMS in there.  They are 72 Pin and commonly come in 4/8/16 MB pairs.  You might even have all 4 slots filled, so take the case off and look for those white slots with  sticks of chips on to see if you have any expansion possibilities.

Go into the bios (sometimes push and hold del,esc or f1 whilst booting) and have a look around, dont change anything but eventually you'll come to a section that might tell you if you have FAST PAGE or EDO SIMMS and what speed they run out.  You cannot always mix fast page and edo, they should really be the same type.

If all slots are populated, you need to take out a pair - TWO STIKS of ram as these always work in pairs.  To take them out, pop your fingernails in the metal clips at the side to pull them out, and push the SIMM at a 45 degree angle and then out.  You might find that you have a few less fingernails.

To insert (which is easier), pop the SIMM at the 45 degree angle and just ease into the slot so that it becomes vertical.  It should just click into place.
See this link for more info

I think 486 boards can use single simms only pentium required pairs.
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Yes thats what it says on the link ;)
The maximum memry this system can have is 32MB.  It may be possible to upgrade further, but this may need a custom bios flash (ie Mr. BIOS or similar)

greg7maqAuthor Commented:
Thanks for the input Kingsize! You recieve the pts.

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