ME hangs because VGA adapter

Now is this a operating system error, or hardware error, or both!
My Windows Me won't start. Or should I say it starts, if its starting to safe mode OR otherwise in VGA mode with 16 colors. So I have figured the problem to have something to do with the vga adapter. Now as I have several older VGA adapters, I have tested this with guillemon Xentor TNT2, S3 Trio64 and TsengLabs s6000 cards. The symptom is same with every card. Windows boot hangs up with very rapid harddisk behaviour... and then nothing. HD led shuts down nothing moves. And this always, when I'm booting to normal mode AND I have something else as resolution than 640 x 480 (VGA).
Sometimes the system also hangs as early as in BIOS boot. That idicates that something is wrong in motherboard or power supply. Nothing wrong was found on motherboard or memory using Amidiag diagnostic software and Norton diskdoctor claims, that HD is in good shape.
Any ideas? Do I have a broken powerunit? Or do the WinMe has general error in it? I have installed ME as "over the old one" installation, 'cos I'm not sure do I want to "deltree Windows" and make a clean install, if theres a way around it, or maybe it is the power?
Any Ideas?
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Al JeeCommented:
ME is not particularly good but this in not likely an O/S problem if you have problems before Windows boots.
You do not say anything about the motherboard or whether you are using AGP or PCI video, or the system in general
If you have PCI then try a different slot.
Have you tried to flash the BIOS with the current version?
Get hdd diagnostics from your hdd manufacturer.
Disk Doctor is good as far as it goes.
Your motherboard is AMI??
i have that problem before and found that there is more than one display card loaded and what seems to be happening is that when windows boots it is not sure which display drivers to use so i suggest that you start up in safe mode go to control panel system then display if there is more than one in there delete the ones that you know are not installed if you do not know which it is you can delete them all and restart windows and it will come up with found new hard ware follow the instructions

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