Multiple Client to one Server Data sending.

I'm building a client/server software similar setup to a chat program. If there are say, 20 Clients connected to this server all on the same port (say 55), how do I determine which client sent what data and which client to send data back to using winsock. I've been lookign up ConnectionRequest with the requestID and looking up DataArrival and SendData and GetData and I'm having a hard time finding an answer. Maybe I was looking in the wrong spot by not comming here. I like this message board.

Thanks in Advance
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When the Client connects to the server use the ip address to index each message from the client eg: Winsock1.RemoteHostIP

LloydsterAuthor Commented:
I understand what you're saying, and it makes sense, but how do I go about doing that?

Would it be something like this?

Private Sub cmdSend2Server1_Click()
Dim Data2Send

Data2Send = Text1.Text 'Data to send to say, server 1 with IP of

winsock1.RemoteHostIP =  ""
winsock1.SendData Data2Send

End Sub
have a look at this example by Randy Wable
All data is logged with the source IP

This is a chat system developed using winsock control.

Try these projects they should have everything you looking for

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