cant ping websites

Why cant i ping websites,
I can pig the router. and when i go through the proxy server i can gain access to the web but still cant ping any webpages.  But with my windows 2000 machines when the internet settings are clear i cant get them to load or ping.  It works on my NT Machines.

for my internet settings for the nt machines i have a static ip address with the default gateway pointing to my router and my dns servers pointing to the internet for sproviders dns servers but for some reason when i use the same settings for windows 2000 the computer wont log in, (it verifies the users name and pasword but stays at the loading personal settings menu)  if i change the settings to what the nt machines settings are after i log in with diffrent settings i can get internet with blacked out settings.  Why does the Windows 2000 machine not like the settings but the windows 98 and NT machines work?  Why cant i ping websites but i can get there when i go through my proxy?  
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If you have a windows 2000 Domain (Active Directory) then Win 2k and XP machines will take a very long time to log in if they are configured with DNS servers that are not Active Directory compatible (ie non-windows 2000 DNS servers)

Most probably you can't ping web sites by name (ie ping is because the name is not resolving to an IP address, which is done by the DNS service. Try pinging a website by ip address (google's is if that works then your problem is DNS. The reason why your proxy server doesn't have the problem is because it can resolve names via DNS. I would double check your DNS settings. A useful command on NT/2000/XP is nslookup, which is used to check domain name lookups on DNS servers.

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1. Is the Win2K machine a member of a domain or a workgroup?
2. Run IPCONFIG /ALL from a command prompt amd make sure you are not getting an APIPA address.
This sounds like a DNS issue . . .
Do you have an internal DNS server setup?  If so, set your W2K clients to use this one.  Your 2000 clients are probably looking to log on to so they go and ask your ISP's dns server where is and it says x.x.x.x.  Your proxy server doesn't have an open connection for the correct port so it just drops the packet.    
2hypeAuthor Commented:
In Regards to JDF Wizard i am part of a domain.

The thing that confuses me is that the configuration is as follows for the NT Worksations.  Computer IP address  Subnet Mask   Default Gateway (ROUTER)   Preferred DNS    Alternate DNS

But when i uses these exact same settings for my windows 2000 server it wont work.  It will eventually log in but like after a half an hour or so.

So with my windows 2000 machines I have the following which will allow them to log on at regualer speed but this setting wont allow them to get internet with the blank settings  IP Address  Subnet Mask   Default Gateway (Server)   Perferred DNS (Server)
Blank          Alternate DNS

First of all you should use internal DNS servers for Windows 2000 workstations (ie use This DNS server is not functioning properly and thats why your workstation can't access the internet when using it. Make sure your internal DNS server ( is configured correctly: First of all check to make sure its not a root server, this is a default setting if the server was installed as the first DC in the domain. To change this delete the root folder under the DNS zones. Another problem may be that the internal DNS server ( doesn't have access to the Internet so it's not able to contact the root servers. The following article has good tips for DNS issues:

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