file sharing can not be enabled

G4 400mhz 9.2.2
I cannot get my Mac to turn on file sharing without getting the above error message "file sharing cannot be enabled". I have zapped the PRAM, disposed of prefs. What can I do? Please help
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The most usual cause is that somewhere along the line you uninstalled, either intentionally or unintentionally, various system components required for filesharing. Check your Extension Manager control panel to make sure you have appropriate stuff turned on. If you deleted those components entirely youll have to reinstall them from your system disks.

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An interesting bug that I've come across:

If you should make a copy of a file that is in use by the OS on another machine (particularly fonts), file-sharing will go down.  Appletalk itself is usually unaffected.  But if this sounds familiar, make sure you delete whatever you copied from the other machine.
make sure you have your network chosen right. the right type of connection and the right port. make sure you have appletalk enabled, and you should be able to enable sharing. make sure you have a password-protected account to have enabled for net share, otherwise anyone could get in...I don't know if mac will let you enable without one.
Often this is caused by a corrupt Users & Groups data file.

See this AppleCare Knowledge Base article:

Delete Users & Groups Data File
 1. Turn file sharing off using the File Sharing control panel.
 2. Move (do not delete) the Users & Groups data file, in the Preferences folder, to another folder outside the System folder.
 3. Restart the computer.
 4. Open the File Sharing control panel, and enter a new Owner Name, Owner Password, and Macintosh Name, replacing any previous data. Be sure to use new or different names.
 5. Turn File Sharing on.

Note: You must reset all access privileges after completing these steps.
 If this does not resolve the problem, move the Users & Groups data file back into the Preferences folder.
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