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I have a network set up between my PC and my Laptop, both running Win XP Pro. It used to work fine, and now that I formated them and reinstalled Win XP, Im having problems:

The PC is Fine, but the laptop is struggling on the internet. On the laptop, I can't browse the net. On Kazaa, I cant download @ more than a few kbp/s but I can upload fast..And MSN Messenger runs with no problems.

Transfering of files is fine as well. BTW, The PC is connected to ADSL.

Is there a setting perhaps that I have missed that is causing this slow download speed on my laptop? Again, it used to run great with the same hardware setup. Please Help! Thanks.
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magarityConnect With a Mentor Commented:
You'll need to configure Internet Connection Sharing on the XP desktop.  It should be installed, but it will not turn on automatically.  Go to the Network properties, right-click the network adapter and select 'share this connection'.

here's a tweak I found on the internet to boost TCP/IP performance. It works on both WinXP and 2000

It involves editing the registry so make sure u back it up first


ClipseAuthor Commented:
Although it did not directly fix the problem, it brought me to the right menu...a setting for "make network connections dail-up to internet" was on, which was right next to what Magarity suggested.

It works great now! Thanks for the help!
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