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Ok,I have MSI SiS645 Ultra mainbaord and I want to put a new processor 2,4Gh 400MHz FSB. Now I'm not sure if it will work. On the mainboard says 2Ghz+ and MSI says it should but I want to be sure. Does anyone have the same board and maybe the same proc? Any complications? Thanks!
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If the website says it should then it's ok.  Be sure to clear the CMOS prior to putting the new XP in.

Touch the side of the case to diuscharge static/
Line up the pins with the socket + pop the processor in, then pop the heatsink on, plus the fan into the mainboard and you're away.

I dont use that mobo, but put in plenty of chips in my time.

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Oh, sorry, complications:

1) Improperly installed heatsink/fan
- use thermal compound
- carefully pop the heatsink on, there's a chance you can damage the chip
- not plugging the heatsink's fan in

2) static discharge may damage the chip -unlikely unless you've just slipped into your nylon pyjamas and rubbed your feet on the floor.

3) Not unplugging from the mains and allowing a few seconds for discharge.

cant think of much else...
Have a look at MSI's website at:


where you will need to identify your board before you can decide whether it will run a 2.4GHz chip - probably yes is the answer - it looks likely.

Hope that helps

SkullAuthor Commented:
Thanks guys,one more question does MSISiS 648 Max has problems with Radeon 9500/9700 cards? Is this true?
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