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Partitioning my Hard Disk

I installed replaced the 510mb hard disk that was in my laptop with a 2gb hard disk.  At first every thing was fine and all 2gb was detected.  When I installed MS-DOS 6.2 I was unable to detect all 2bg of space.  The CMOS detects all 2gb, but DOS will not.  FDISK says I only have a 51mb hard disk.  How can I make it so that I can access all the memory on my hard disk?  I'm really at a loss as to how to fix this problem.
Thanks for your help.
1 Solution
Could be a couple of things.  DOS 6.2 should be able to see 8.4 GB of hard drive space.  2 GB shouldn't be a problem.

Make sure that in your CMOS, that LBA (logical Block Addressing) is turned on.  After verifying that, go into FDISK and have it display partition information (if the drive was returned, for example, it might already have a partition on it, and you have to remove that partition to use the full drive size).

buba2k3Author Commented:
Thanks a bunch.  You really helped.

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