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ADO or DAO??

Could someone please tell me where I determine which one I am using? Which one should I be using? How do I tell it which one to use? I have looked at every menu in the software and I cannot find it to save my life. Also, does anyone know where there is a step by step explanation of how to use either?


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Ryan ChongCommented:
ADO is better and latest, try use ADO as can as possible.

Examples at:

Hmmm......another case of ADO & DAO.
Ok some definition:
ADo-Active Data Objects
DAO -Data Access Objects
ADO is a new technology to VB and is not similar to DAO.Infact Microsoft refers to DAO as an 'intrinsic' Data Control. This means it implements data access using the MS Jet Database Engine -the same thing that powers MS access. Microsoft states that DAO is suited best for either single-system applications for small local deployments.
On the other hand ADO is much newer & more flexible and includes the capabilities of DAO as well as others. Microsoft suggests that because of this flexibility , it is recommended that new Database applications be created using ADO.
However with this added flexibility comes added complexity.
Once again, it is up to the user to decide, as VB 6.0 onwards supports both ADO & DAO.

Hope this helps.
in your VB project, under the ProjectMenu item...   select References, and you should then be able to tell which LIBRARY (Microsoft ActiveX Data Object X.X Library, or Microsoft Data Access Objects X.X Library) is checked.

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