Computer simply will not boot at all

I am working on a computer that is likely 5-6 years old and I need some help.  I recently took out the memory to see what type it was, reseated it, and recieved the error beeps.  I shut it off, made sure the memory was in right, and tried again.  Now I get both the green and red light in front on with nothing else happening.  The lights lights, the fans turn, but that is all.  No Beeps even to work with.  I am simply lost.  Could anyone come up with any solutions for this pickle of a problem.  If you have any other ?'s, feel free to ask.  Thanks,   Joe
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You must have accidentally disconnected or knocked some things off inside your PC while you took out the module and reseated it?

Check all the drive power connectors for loose connections as well as all the ribbon cable connections (to the motherboard and the drives).

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Check the jumper posts on your motherboard as well.  I have been guilty of bending one unstrapped post over so that it shorts out to it's mate effectively "strapping" the setting.  Also check all your pluggable IC's, CPU included.  Since this did work before and all you did was reseat memory make sure you got the memory back in the right slots.  Some older boards require socket 0 be stuffed first and so on.  Also had a problem with one specific model of motherboard where the memory sockets were of inferior quality where there was some play "end to end" with the SIMMs.  If you got in a hurry the SIMMs could end up in the sockets where the socket pins would be lined up "between" the contact pads on the SIMMs. (If that wasn't a whole lot of fun troubleshooting flakey problems).

Of course the key question here:  Was the AC power cord still attached when you resested the memory?  Did you notice whether or not you rec'd any static shocks while working on the machine?  It is possible in those cases that you may have zapped your board.

Good Luck.

you may have blatted the memory with static shock, if the machine won't boot past post then the chances are the problem could be resting at the memory test,

Re-seat the memory in the correct order and try to reboot the machine again,

Does the computer give the "RAM not found" beep when you leave it out and turn the machine on?

No beeps is bad.

Some of the cheaper BIOS's need to have the RAM put in and video card yanked out for the motherboard to regain life again.  Listen for the no-video beep.

No beeps is bad.

Best case scenario is that you made a clean spot somewhere in the machine.  So now you have to tear it all apart and spray air insde it to clean everything.  But if you're still not getting beeps from the motherboard with just the RAM and video plugged in, it's dead Jim.  Try different (EDO) RAM.

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