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Installing VB applications in a LAN

I am developing an appliaction in VB with Access backend.I have to install it in an office where there are about 5-6 computers in a LAN,all of which need access to the s/w.
This may sound a bit stupid,but I need to know how to go about installing the s/w.
Do I just pack the entire application as an exe and save it in some folder in a computer and then link to the exe from all the other computers or is there any other way to go about it?
So also,how can I ensure,database security when I am using Access?
And how do I make sure that everyone gets access to the s/w?
1 Solution
The easiest way to ensure that everyone is constantly updated to the correct version of the software is to install the exe on one machine, and use a shortcut.

The application will be copied across the network each time it is executed. Its not efficient or elegant, but it works.

Access is pretty insecure for the most part. You can set an admin password, and make sure that the client software uses the correct admin password. If memory serves, loading the database in access with the shift key down bypasses all the security anyway.

Access does support more than one user, although in practice I have never found that it works sufficiently well. You end up having a lot of concurrency issues with access deployed to multiple users. You should have a look at migrating to MSDE. MSDE 2000 may be shipped royalty free, and supports several users (five to ten I think). It is a scaled down version of SQL Server, and is therefore very secure and very robust.

You have not mentioned what the client software was written with?
I therefore cannot tell you how to ensure they all get access, except that you need to put the access database file in a shared location, and have each user open the same database. That's all that is required.
vinaylakAuthor Commented:
Thanks a lot for the suggestion.I think I would just go for the exe in one system and a link to the exe from all the other computers.It works just fine.

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