Cisco PIX firewall 515e, version 6.2 capabilities.

I want to know how manny connections can my cisco pix firewall detailed above can handle. What I have found on the cisco site is that PIX firewalls can handle from 64,000 connections to 250,000, but could ot get particular information for mine.

If someone knows please tell me.

I want that information, so that I can know if I can be able to put my entire LAN behind it. My LAN has about 4000 PCs. BUt it has some smaller LANs too, like 4 depertments.

I have two Cisco Secure PIX firewall, and my worry is that, can I put all my depertments behind a PIX, or should I choose some depertments and leave others?

I'm not good in english wording, but you can get the picture of what I'm trying to explain.
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You can't go on the number of simultaneous connections that on model will handle. It depends on the license as much as the model.
Example, a 515-Restricted license will only handle 10,000 connections. a 515 with UNrestricted license will handle up to 64,000
"Designed for small and medium businesses"

A 525 with UNrestricted license will support up to 280,000 connections. Considering that one PC can generate 10-20 simultaneous connections by itself, you need a fairly powerful firewall for 4000 plus users.
My suggestion is to use the 525 Unrestricted license.
 "Ideal for protecting the Enterprise Headquarters' perimeter"

You might even want to consider a 535 for that many users.
oneygAuthor Commented:
Thanx for your comment Irmoore.

if i use my PIX (515 that is) on a smaller LAN, like one of the deprtment which has about 1000 users or less, will it handle?
To be honest, I would not use a 515 for anything over 250-500 users unless I absolutely had to. Do you know if you have the Unrestricted or Restricted license? If you're not using any IPSEC or much inbound filtering, then you might get away with it.

You might just want to keep the 515 as a lab/testing firewall so that you can test any changes that you may want to implement before you change a production firewall.

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oneygAuthor Commented:
thanx again irmoore, how do I know if I use restricted or unrestricted license?

I'm sorry if I sound too unproffessional! but you are giving me a great help!

hope to read more from you!
"sho ver" should tell you if you have restricted/unrestricted license.
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