False Error Message : Network Cable Unplugged

we have a local area network contaning WIN 2000 Server and WIN 98 and WIN XP as clients. The autosensing switch is there and the LAN cards are of 10/100 Mbps (Intel Pro/100 VM Network Cards). If the autosense option is selected in the properties of the LAN card then it gives the error message "NETWORK CABLE UNPLUGGED". If the property is changed to 10 Mbps Full Duplex or 100 Mbps Half duplex the same works. Due to this the network is very slow. Can anybody help me...
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try replacing the cable
100mbit full duplex requires the cable be exact cat5 specs, where as the half duplex settings or 10mbit is more forgiving
make sure the wires on the cabel are correct tot he pins (if not you get crosstalk, and will cause it to fail)
Side 1                                               Side 2

Pin                                                            Pin      

1*   White/Orange                                       1 *         White/Orange

2*   Orange                                                 2 *         Orange        

3*   White/Green                                         3 *         White/Green

4     Blue                                                     4          Blue            

5     White/Blue                                           5          White/Blue

6*   Green                                                   6   *       Green        

7     White/Brown                                        7          White/Brown

8      Brown                                                  8          Brown        

 * These are the cables that carry the signals.

also triple check the crimping, and test with a know good cable

also update the drives for the NIC, get the latest greatest

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I agree with stevenlewis.  100 mbit will work for short distances when not wired to the EIA/TIA 568A/B standards but gets flaky over medium to long distances.
ubbottAuthor Commented:
Thanks stevenlewis...

I went through your expert comments. As far as cabling is concerned it is ok. Is there any other reasons to slow up the network like virus or???

Thanks again...

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