Installing VB applications in a LAN

I am developing an appliaction in VB with Access backend.I have to install it in an office where there are about 5-6 computers in a LAN,all of which need access to the s/w.
This may sound a bit stupid,but I need to know how to go about installing the s/w.
Do I just pack the entire application as an exe and save it in some folder in a computer and then link to the exe from all the other computers or is there any other way to go about it?
So also,how can I ensure,database security when I am using Access?
And how do I make sure that everyone gets access to the s/w?
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you will need to create an INSTALLATION package (you can use the Package and Distribution Wizard that is supplied with Visual Studio, or yu can use any of several other comercially available Installation Package tools - InstallShiled, or Wise Installer are two that come to mind).  This will create a setup program that will copy and registr the necessary VB componets (runtime DLLs) that are required for your program to run, on a PC where the VB IDE is not installed.  

Once you have created the installation package, you will then need run the Setup program that is created on EACH of the PCs where your program will be used.  You can place the database on one of the PCS that ALL of the others can access, as the SAME DRIVE - that is critical.

Sounds like you are VERY NEW to the ideas of LAN based computing, and Client/Server development.  If so then you will be in for some VERY INTERESTING times as you figure out how to get this all working. But it can be done.  Just be patient, and ask for help when you need to.


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vinaylakAuthor Commented:
Thanks a lot.I did it and it works fine.Thanks for the kind help.
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