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Hi. Straight to the point, I admit that Im no good in programming. Just only know some basics. Im in need of a Compressing Proxy (win32).I tried compiling some free sources but there always seem to be some problems(like ssl proxy is not supported, socket IO problems (for java based proxies) etc. Now  tried my luck in Apache but only to find out that its gzip does not support the proxy handler. I tried also jigsaw (no-ssl proxy support).

I found this zlib proxy

Its stable but it seems that when I compiled it the config file is not functional coz its already been preset. Can anyone please help on how to make the config file functional again. I know its just easy for you programmers but As I said Im not one. An also is it possible to have a separate config for compression settings ETC. Can anyone show me how? Ill be greatefull.

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I think search these two files and do the setting required, these two files should remain in the orriginal location where .exe file is there or specified.


Refer to the supplied Internet Junkbuster Proxy manual (ijbman.html) and FAQ (ijbfaq.html) set up the proxy. The only additional configuration settings for ijb-zlib are:


If the auto-compress setting appears in the configuration file, proxied text/html and text/plain documents are automatically compressed if the requesting client has specified Accept-Encoding: gzip.
If the auto-compress setting is not present in the configuration file, no compression takes place.
If you're not interested in the Internet Junkbuster cookie-filtering capabilities and just want compression, you could try using the following configuration files:

## Enable compression
## Enable all cookies to be passed - cookie file contains the single line: "*"
cookiefile scookie.ini
## Accept requests on port 8000 from any machine, not just localhost
listen-address :8000
## Don't make any changes in request headers.
referer .
from .
user-agent .
## Accept all cookies

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junedarAuthor Commented:
yeah I did . Still not. I tried to peak to one of its sorces (if Im not mistake jcc.c or h ) I saw some lines there that sure looks like the config bit I dont know how to remove them without trouble in compiling.
junedarAuthor Commented:
hey wait a minute. Ops.
MY FAULT. Just to careless and stupid of me. My mistake, I did not update my paths. If I have the executable at located at c:/somedir/...

and if it was called from %SystemRoot%\  then  I should have also indicated the path on where the config files are otherwise the called for applic would look for it in the Root dir and not on it installed dir.
He He he.
Oh Bhoy
Oh Bhoy.

Anyway You Deserved the points coz you readily post your comment for my problem.

Thanks Man.

junedarAuthor Commented:
Just Like I said for me I gave him the mark coz he made the effort to help me and somehow led me to see the obvious mistake I did. And for sure Manchada  is a good Prgz man.

Well Man wanna try another one? I still have some questions.
Ok I can try
thanks for your points
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