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Time zone conversion


I am working on C++/unix environment and my database is informix.i am taking current time as local time using time(0)function. i wanted to know that is there an API or any time function which will convert this current-local time to any specific time zone. say for example my program is running in Central Time Zone and that gives me localtime which is CST, but i need time in EST.
Or is there any function/API which directy gives me time in any specific time zone. say for example irrespective of local time that gives me time in EST.

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check out

for a peer-reviewed date-time library, supported by many c++ standards committee members via  the lib is cross-platform and works with many platforms and compilers w/o any problems and it's 100% free ( i.e. free for commercial use, etc. )

the lib does have local time adjustments support, for docs of that part, see
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Thanks for yor valuable suggestions.
It worked the way you suggested.