question about http protocol and web server

hi,i am making a simple web server and has several questions:

1)As requested by the problem,the web server need to process head method,which is somewhat similar to get method except the entity body.But if i use the internet explorer as a client testing it can send head method to test this function?

2)how the server can get and return the last modified time of a file using C/C++ since the server need to return this as a return header to the client,i thought there is no such method in their library?

3)how the server determine whether the client has the "cache" locally?as it appears in the return header:       cache:no/yes

4)what's the meaning of "Connection:close;" defined in the return header?And when a server need to return this header?

Your Help is greatly Appreciated!
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msa2003Connect With a Mentor Commented:

If you have some troubles, ask me and I'll try to help you. I had developed a small multithreaded HTTP server using Delphi and WinSock API, so HTTP protocol is easy enough for me...
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