How to debug VB.NET DLL(Class Library) from ASP.NET page

In VB6 DLL's and classical ASP, I used to procedure the following way:

I opened the VB6 DLL project, I executed it and when I made a "CreateObject" from an ASP page; objects were instanciated from the running source code (instead of the compiled DLL), so, I was able to debug all my VB6 DLL called from the my classic ASP page.

Now, with VB.NET and ASP.NET I'm not able to do the same thing. Using namespaces, my compiled VB.NET DLL (Class Library) works perfectly. I supposed it would work the same way as VB6, so I execute the VB.NET project in debug mode and with F5, but every object instanciated and used from ASP.NET is created and handled by the compiled DLL, so, it never goes into the source code I'm trying to debug.

I requested some help and I was required to make a change in my "machine.config" file to enable debugging.
So, i changed this line:
<compilation debug="true" defaultLanguage="vb"...>

"debug" was in "false", so I supposed that this would be the solution and I changed it, but nothing happened :(

As you can imagine this is essential for me, and I have not found the way to do it for some weeks. So, I think it's a hard question and i give 200 points for its answer

Could somebody help me ?
Thanks in advance for your valuable help

PS: I hope to be clear, and sorry about my english, it's not my foreign language.
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First put the configurations in machine.config backt to the way it was before. You should not change this file unless it is absolutely necessary. For ASP.Net apps, you will make the change in web.config file.

Also make sure that you have compiled the VB.Net assembly as well as ASP.Net project in debug mode and not in release.

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dsuarezuyAuthor Commented:
The problem is that I think that's not the correct answer. After writing this message I found out that I was able to debug the DLL if I opened both the ASP.NET pages and the DLL project in project group.
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