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Posted on 2003-02-22
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Hi, I want to use GDBM with Perl, I've tried searching the web over and over, and I get nothing.  How do I initialize a database? how do I store in it? how do i retrieve from it? Any help would be greatly appreciated.
Question by:ravaneli
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ok.  GDBM isn't standard to most perl installs.  and the web is apparently out to hide perl GDBM from users.  try this, it worked for me, even if slightly roundabout:


find "GDBM_File" on the page.  you should see six files.


download all of these into a new folder.  notice there is no README.  doesn't matter though, most perl module installations are the same process:

perl Makefile.PL   (creates "Makefile")

if you're not "root" or "admin", then you probably want to install it to a local working directory, like your homedir.  edit the Makefile, changing the PREFIX and following INSTALL*  variables to be a local directory like /home/me/lib/.  else, it will know where to put them by default

make test
make install

this will get things installed.  use the following line to do the most basic test.

perl -e 'use GDBM_File;'

if this runs smoothly without error, then you're doing well.

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how to use GDBM_File.  the perldoc documentation is quite short.  perl GDBM is supposed to mimic most of the traditional GNU gdbm behavior.  i've only see it accomplish this through tied variable use.  which is simple enough.

use GDBM_File;
tie %hash, 'GDBM_File', $filename, &GDBM_WRCREAT, 0640;

# using the hash array, anything you store in the hash will be put in the tied GDBM_File db
# thus it is persistant, even after the perl script terminates

$hash{"key"} = "value";
print $hash{"key2_that_i_stored_yesterday"},"\n";

untie %hash;


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ok... I understand that a hash only has a value and a key for a every element.  But what if I want to store a third entry for the elements within the database.  How do I do that?

So if I have an essay for example, and want to store every word in it, how many times it occurs, and the line at which it occurs in the essay, how do i do that?

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normally in perl you can do multi-dimensional hashes or arrays.

$hash{key}{field1} = "this1";
$hash{key}{field2} = "this2";
$hash{key}{field3} = "this3";

if i remember correctly, the GBM libraries don't allow for multi-dimensional hash access via a tied variable to the db.  nor do they allow much in terms of references as values.  i remember this being an annoying problem.  first, test it out on your GDBM hash, as i've not worked with the gdbm variation, only with DB_File.

but, you are always able to do other creative data storage methods if you only have persistant access to a key/value pair for storage.

For instance, use "::" to delimit fields in your value.

$hash{key} = "this1::this2::this3";

a simple join or split is all that is needed to convert to this.  a small loop will fill or extract from a multi-dimensional hash/array.

similarly, you can try using the Freeze/Thaw methods of Perl, which supposively can turn (freeze) any type of datastructure into an ascii string representation (garble to you and i).  you store that, and simply thaw it out when you extract the value.  this may take some exploring though, check the web for documentations.  i believe it is:

use Storable qw(freeze thaw);

good luck.
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